Kristen Lewis and David Westcott are Walking Bear Productions. Now based in Victoria, B.C., for years we lived and worked on Salt Spring Island, B.C. Our work continues to be informed by the many years of solitude and creative freedom we enjoyed on this unique, rural island.

As interdisciplinary artists, we play multiple roles in the process of creating, producing, and performing innovative, relevant, and impactful performance works. We work together on all aspects of our performance work, and move fluidly between the roles of writer, choreographer, and dramaturg. For the performance delivery, Kristen most often appears as dancer and actor/performer, and David as director and multi-media artist. We are concerned with creating works that ask hard questions and demand much of both performers and audience, but that ultimately present a hopeful, life-affirming view of the human condition. It is our goal to create performances with the audience in mind, with a view to leaving audiences changed for the better.

We began collaborating in 2010, and formed Walking Bear Productions in 2012.


Kristen is a dance, theatre, and performance artist. She is serious about the importance of potent, truthful live performance. Many years of intense, devoted, usually solitary physical practice have rewarded her with an intense performance presence that animates our work.


David is an Elder and a versatile inter-disciplinary artist. He brings to our work an absolutely original intelligence, an incredible intuitive sense, and a deep affinity for the magic of authentic performance. Uncompromising and true.