Letter of Support from Tom Taylor, PhD in Comparative Drama, Retired Theatre Professor at Ohio State University, and a Member of the Performance Studies Archive Committee, Centrr for Performance Studies, Aberystwyth, Wales      

​I first met Kristen Lewis while working as a theatre reviewer for the Halifax Coast newspaper (2002-2003), when I was stunned by her first play, David and Davida, (“The very audacity of its form, the disregard for ‘effect,’  the demands you put on the witness/beholder, one of those rare plays that makes you want to just hold still for a minute when it’s over, because you know something finally the hell happened on stage, and the playwright tore her guts out to give you those moments.”). Since this early promise, I have had the privilege of following Kristen’s (and her sister Tessa’s) immersion into performance experimentation, from Halifax to Salt Spring Island.  Her complete disregard for commercial “commodity,” together with her truly unique philosophy of the function of artistic expression, has produced almost a dozen works since David and Davida, each with its own distinct signature, remarkable contributions to the developing discipline of performance theory.   More than just combinations of dance, voice,poetry ( which Kristen calls the “the history of the unrecorded”), and theatre, Kristen’s works are energetic philosophical statements about the relationship of the “real” world to our metaphysical possibilities, exposures of her unique mindset, alone on the stage and engaged in physical and verbal expressions of very large ideas. 

Audience reviews

from "Paradise is jagged"

Hi Dave and Kristen,
Thank you both so much for presenting this wonderful piece. We were simply knocked out. The courage, strength and wisdom were literally tangible. And of course the dance was mesmerizing.The point of view of what it means to be human was breathtakingly accurate and even. Nobody may judge and asking for forgiveness is like denial of responsibility. The mere asking implies entitlement. I love that this leaves open the possibility of the power of forgiveness without condoning trying to get off easy.I refer again to the third sentence above. Amazing, touching and very moving. Superb. Again, deep thanks.  -  John Lefebrve

It was an impeccable performance Kristen, so strong, brave, dignified and wow, can you dance!! Your grace, your joy, your integrity and your courage to share these powerful, real stories are exciting and inspiring. Bravo!   - Ahava Shira

An absolutely mesmerizing performance ! Bravo and thank you !! - David French

Wow. Kudos Kristen and Dave. Delivered with such precision, strength, vulnerability and dignity, your performance, spoken and danced, was truly masterful. Thank you for all that you have stirred in me.      
- Naomi Jason

Powerful and evocative! A fabulous jewel of a piece. Congratulations!  - Victoria Mihalyi

Kristen ... for as long as I have known you, I have always been inspired by your creativity, fearlessness and your unwavering ability to just be REAL, honest and true to who you are. Last night was no exception Thank you! - Kaia Mitchell